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Iva Hornická Pacoňová

copywriter & co-founder
Member of ADC*E
Before co-founding Kreativna Dvojica, I’ve occupied leadership roles as a Creative Director where I was overseeing integrated campaigns for well-known brands including Lidl, Orange, and Slovenská sporiteľňa.

You could’ve seen my work online, in magazines, or at creative festivals, winning multiple awards including Zlatý Klinec, Zlatá Pecka, EFFIE, Digital Pie, and Prokop. Most notably, the campaign for Hraskova polievka has been widely recognized, winning 3x zlaty klinec, zlata EFFIE, and bronze on Eurobest.

If I’m currently not working on the next big thing for our clients, you can catch me riding horses.

Michal Hornický

art director & co-founder
Member of ADC*E

In TOP 10 Art Directors of Slovakia
Before starting Kreativna Dvojica, I’ve been designing campaigns not only for for well-known global and local brands susch as Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Tatra Banka but also for a variety of non-profit projects.

My print for Heineken, dedicated to Peter Sagan’s spectacular success during Tour de France, was published on more than 20 advertising websites all over the world.

Outside of the artistic space, I’m an avid runner who enjoys a glass of cold beer while getting creative in the kitchen. Fun Fact: I spent 2018 traveling the world.
Veronika Hilásková

Veronika Holásková

art director
I enjoy riding my scooter to the agency everyday. At work, I create with headphones on, immersed in my favourite music. Along with my morning cup of coffee, this always puts me in the right mood. And if that mood doesn't last, I'll have another cup in a circle of friends who can chat for hours about design and photography.

In 2022, Karin Hykšová and I won the national round of the Cannes Young Lions competition in the design category.

I follow the motto: "the result is perfect when there is nothing left to take away". My favourite pieces of the design world are the ones that you can feel. Be it posters, product or book covers, or elements of a brand's visual identity.

Soňa Čásárová

I can proudly say: I have never ever been bored in my life. My brain finds everything amusing, even staring at an empty wall. I help to encourage its creativity by working in a very stimulating field – advertising.

I’m not an early bird, so I catch my worm (coffee) later in the afternoon – fruity light roast batch brew is my fave. The biggest pleasure for my mind is walking around art galleries. For my body, it's walking around forests or longer-ish cycling trips. Another relaxing activity for me is cooking and baking. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any recipes for my goods because everything that comes to life in my kitchen is 80 % made of pure improvisation (and skill, I like to think).

At work, I like to switch between silent focus time and fun & noisy brainstorming that lets us open each other’s minds.

I’m a gold winner of the national round of Cannes Young Lions 2022 in the PR category.

Dominik Herceg

digital designer
I don’t shy away from any assignment, however, I like the digital ones the most. I can design a website, mobile app, or video game, which I enjoy playing in virtual reality. In 2021, I won the national round of Young Lions in the film category.

After work, I feel like a fish in water when I’m paddle boarding on a lake or having a beer with my friends.

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