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Naming & Branding

Naming & Branding

Your brand basically doesn’t exist without a sound name and a modern visual identity. If you are starting a business or are in need of a rebranding, we are your people!

Brand name and visual identity are the key for determining brand communication, including its positioning and tone of voice. That is why their importance should never be underestimated.

Naming and Branding go hand in hand

Are you planning to create a new brand? We can help you build it from scratch. In the first step, we create the name, then the logo and finally the entire visual identity.

The essential element of creating a brand identity is the connection between a brand name and its identity. This connection can only be achieved while developing both of them together. An important step in creating a brand name is taking into consideration the brand purpose, communication and vision. That is why we offer Naming & Branding as a package.

Your project deserves special treatment.
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Brand identity for a niche brand

We created a name and branding for vitamin water for pets. This food supplement helps pets to add needed nutrients to their diet without making them swallow pills, which isn’t easy to do. Its’ composition was carefully created by veterinarians and its’ benefit for pets’ health and disease prevention is a proven fact.

The main attributes of the brand are: scientific background and expertise in the field. Therefore, they also became the criteria for creating the name, logo and visual identity.

The name ZooLogical represents the fact that this is the smartest way to ensure your animal companion’s health. The scientific credibility is supported by packaging design, e.g. showing the vitamin contents in a mathematical equation.

Naming and branding for something bigger

Development projects are our stable clients. There is a new modern apartment complex growing in Rovinka on “Sunflower Street”, whose name inspired us in the creation process. To make the project memorable, we created its name and identity hand in hand with the street name: Floret.

The flower theme also inspired our visual identity – translating a sunflower petal shape into the logo. Inside the petal we can see a hint of a road map of the new neighbourhood and also an F shape representing the new name of the development.

Fresh rebranding for an established brand

We are happy to help you with a “facelift” of your current logo or a general redesign of your visual identity.

See the example we are especially proud of: a new visual identity for a non-profit organization, Nexteria. This organisation helps to build a new generation of leaders in Slovakia by creating opportunities for students to connect with experts from different fields. Which meant that we needed to appeal to smart and young people. The stakes were high!

The new visual identity is fresh, colourful and dynamic to catch their attention. Watch the in-depth analysis in the video below.

You have a brand name but the logo and identity are missing? No problem!

An example of this kind of project is our collaboration with the Public Leadership Academy.

Their goal is to improve the competencies of people working in public administration with their educational program that combines knowledge from different fields. In the identity, we worked with colourful blocks, layered in the same way as the skills that the graduates of the program will acquire.

Office space navigation and internal communication identity

The new SKY PARK Offices building, which is part of the award-winning SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid project, leaves a long-lasting impression on its visitors. The developer, Penta Real Estate, collaborated with us on the creation of design elements of signs and navigation in its interior.

The design is based on a characteristic feature of the building – the tectonic shifts on its facade. The key element are three shifted horizontal cuts that create a modern glitch effect. Inscriptions and numbers additionally also work with horizontal lines that show the tectonic shifts and the individual floors of the building. We applied this principle to all navigation signs and numbers on walls, staircases, and in the underground parking lot. All elements were designed with an emphasis on clear legibility and comprehensibility for visitors to the building. To help them navigate inside with added visual pleasure.

Icons for navigation elements and room name plates are made of simple lines and designed in a precise, square grid.

What to expect when working on Naming & Branding with us?  

Naming presentation includes:

  • At least 3 name proposals with explanations of how and why we suggest them
  • Trademark verification
  • Screening of free web domains on the markets where the brand plans to operate
  • Checking the originality and availability of proposed names on social media channels
  • Suggestions for further development of each name into complex communication/identity

Visual identity presentation includes:

  • At least 3 logo designs with explanations of how and why we suggest them
  • Demonstrations of further development of the logo and its application in various situations
  • The last step is development of the selected logo into a complex visual identity and a detailed design manual
Kristína Tašká
Founder ZooLogical

I have known Iva and Michael personally and professionally for a long time. Therefore, when I was starting a new project, naturally, I reached out to them. They didn't disappoint me and the whole product carries their stamp of quality – from naming, the design of the packaging to the entire visual communication. Their friendly but professional attitude suits me very well – that’s when the best ideas are born.

Tomáš Hasala
CEO Nexteria

We are very proud that even a Slovak non-profit organisation has a world class visual identity, thanks to Kreatívna Dvojica! Unifying our identity helped us communicate our projects in a more effective way that speaks to our target group – students, because they are sensitive to the image of things they participate in. Thank you very much!