SKY PARK Offices

Signage & Wayfinding


Erik Páleš, Penta Real Estate
Lukáš Pucovský, Penta Real Estate
Zuzana Siarska, Penta Real Estate


Michal Hornický
Iva Hornická Pacoňová

The new SKY PARK Offices building, which is part of the award-winning SKY PARK project by Zaha Hadid, captivates at first sight.

In creating the design elements of interior signage and wayfinding, we have therefore drawn on a characteristic feature of the building – the tectonic shifts of its façade. The key design element features three offset horizontal sections that create a modern glitch effect. In addition, the lettering and numerals are complemented by horizontal lines that depict the locations of the tectonic shifts and the individual floors of the building. We applied this principle to all navigational lettering and numerals on cores, staircases, and in the underground parking lot.

When designing a set of icons, we drew inspiration from the project’s square logo. The icons are made of simple lines and designed in a precise, square grid. This way, we were able to connect these two different design approaches in a minimalistic way.

In addition to practical use and functionality, the signage of the SKY PARK Offices building also meets high demands for quality design.

— Zuzana Siarska, Penta Real Estate