ZOMRI AR filter as our selfpromo


Michal Hornický
Iva Hornická Pacoňová
Juraj Žáček
Sim Šebestová


Zlatý Klinec - silver
Digital Pie - shortlist

Making the viral agency self-promo the right way

Our goal was to raise the awareness of Kreatívna Dvojica = a previously unknown pair of skilled marketers, consisting of art director Mišo and copywriter Iva. We wanted to get into the public eye and gain enough publicity to bring us our first clients.

We knew right away that we didn’t just want a boring article in media, the kind that is usually written about new agencies. We thus decided to leverage the popularity of satirical news website Zomri, whose reach is comparable to our most widely read newspapers or portals. This was a challenging task because Zomri doesn’t normally rush into collaborations. So, we had to figure out a way to spark the interest of admins enough that they would publish the news about us volunterily.

What was our approach?

With Zomri’s 3rd bithday coming up, we decided to give them a special gift. We took advantage of Facebook’s then relatively new feature, which allowed users to add various interactive filters on their pictures and videos, and created a filter that puts a virtual Zomri bag over user’s head, just like page admins wear. On top of that, whenever a fan recorded a video using our filter, their voice mutated as well. Similar to the voices of actual admins in their videos. We knew this was exactly the kind of content that admins would share, so we uploaded a video to go along with the filter, explaining its features using Zomri’s most beloved topics. Right off the bat, we introduced ourselves as Kreatívna Dvojica, wearing our branded t-shirts. So even if a person didn’t watch the video till the end, they would catch our name. Zomri also tagged us in the video description so people could click through to our page right away. With this approach, we “cracked” Zomri and got exclusive media space completely free.

What have we accomplished?

Thanks to the video posted on Zomri, more than 52 thousand people have got to know us. The video was also picked up by Refresher, which ran an article about it, included a story about the filter in its FreshNews segment, and shared it across all its social networks. This resulted in additional free publicity, the price of which would be 12,800 Eur. All in all, 150,000 people learned about Kreatívna Dvojica. In the period during which the video was featured, 1,378 people visited our website with 6 enquiries for our marketing services. All this was accomplished with a budget of 0 Eur.