How we do it



Creating magical product campaigns, image campaigns, socially responsible or recruitment campaigns is our daily joy. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell and what’s your target group. Our campaigns are always creative and, most importantly, deliver real results.

Expect the unexpected

We see advertising as a tool for creating excitement, a moment of surprise and something shocking. That’s why we keep away from a generic approach to our assignments. Each assignment is a unique opportunity to create something new and unique, with an ambition to exceed your expectations and the expectations of your customers.

Rules of our creativity

Unexpected Originality
We don’t settle for the first idea and never use templates for easy solutions. But we always try to look for new ways to approach our assignments.

Unexpected Creativity
Even the most boring assignments are an opportunity to make a dent in the world. For us, no assignment is too small to be a big deal.

Unexpected Resposibility
Advertising can make or break the public perception of your brand. All ideas that we present are carefully evaluated. If we find any potential risks, we won’t hesitate to bring them into discussion.

Unexpected Results
A well thought out campaign can do much more than just increase interest in your products and services. It can get your brand recognition in unexpected places. That’s what we love about our job.

Let us surprise you.
With a great campaign.

The campaign for Fitshaker was such a hit, customers started to write their own lyrics

Our mission was to motivate women to join a 50-day new year fitness challenge to become healthier and happier selves. For a campaign video, we created a Fitshaker Anthem, a song capturing the different situations each woman goes through during the months of exercise.

As a result, the women identified with the campaign so much that they composed their own lyrics to the song, even in regional dialects. Thanks to the campaign, Fitshaker reached the biggest number of registrations in the history of the new year’s challenge!

Harold’s Barbershop needed to hire another barber after our campaign

The HealthCut campaign brought so many new customers to the barbershop that they had to expand their team. How is that possible?

Again, we thought about an unexpected insight – we focused on health. Did you know that historically, barbers not only groomed hair or beards, but also performed minor surgical procedures? This makes them closely connected to caring about the health of their customers. We’ve built the campaign on this and during summer, the main tick season, Harold’s barbershop started offering a special men’s haircut called the HealthCut.

Watch our case movie.

Klostermann Orthodontics campaign travelled all the way to Thailand

The assignment was to create a single billboard. The result was a campaign with a worldwide reach, even fans of the popular 9Gag portal talked about it. More importantly, it brought the dental clinic up to a 275 % increase in customers interested in invisible braces, free PR, and a target group of young people gave it a whopping 1,000 hours of views on TikTok. Watch our case study and for more details and campaign results click here.

Peter Švaral
CEO Fitshaker

Kreatívna Dvojica are partners who care about the result and are willing to tackle even more challenging ideas. And that's exactly what you expect from the agency, right?