Like mother, like daughter


Michaela Šišková
Jakub Šiška,
Ewa Golinska
Lucia Martinová


Michal Hornický
Iva Hornická Pacoňová
Veronika Holásková
Soňa Čásárová
Dominik Herceg


Slovensko, Česko, Poľsko

To make DNA testing more accessible and understandable to our target audience, we utilized the visual connections between family members. While we may readily recognize similarities like blue eyes or curly hair, there’s much more to our genetic makeup that meets the eye. Traits such as disease susceptibility, food intolerances, or athletic abilities can also be inherited, often remaining unseen but impactful. DNA testing unveils these hidden similarities.

Introducing DNA testing to the new Polish market required a campaign that was both straightforward and distinctive. We targeted thirty-somethings, a demographic keen on understanding their genetic inheritance and its implications for their children. Encouraging multiple family members to participate ensures a more comprehensive health profile.

Our campaign primarily unfolded online, with supplementary efforts on radio, outdoor, and print platforms, bolstered by collaborations with influencers.

Results speak volumes:
The campaign surpassed its key performance indicators (KPIs) across all three countries. In the conservative Polish market, we achieved a remarkable 180% of our campaign goal, signaling a strong embrace of DNA testing and its potential benefits.