Hospital Bory

Recruitment campaign


Penta Hospitals Nemocnica Bory / Alex Briffa, Jana Palenčárová


Ivana Hornická Pacoňová
Michal Hornický
Karin Hykšová
Veronika Holásková
Dominik Herceg


Zlatý Středník - bronze
Recruitment Academy Awards - 2nd best HR campaign of the year
PROKOP - shortlist

When it opens, Bory Hospital will represent the best that patients and medical staff will find in Slovakia. It will bring a strong emphasis on patient-centred healthcare, unique internal processes and cutting-edge technological equipment.

When completed, it will be the most modern hospital in Slovakia, which can be used by policyholders of all health insurance companies. Along with the approaching opening date, the recruitment and selection of the right hospital staff is also imminent.

At a time when our healthcare system is increasingly short of hospital staff, the client therefore entrusted us with an extremely challenging task – creating an employer branding campaign that will fill 1,400 jobs with doctors, nurses, nursing staff as well as other operations staff.


“We tested the creative concept on a sample of doctors and nurses we already count in the new hospital before launching. The campaign met with an extremely positive response from them, which reassured us that it will be the right choice when looking for staff who are not afraid of new challenges and want to be agents of change in the Slovak healthcare sector.”

When choosing the creative concept itself, we were also impressed by its great developability until the hospital is fully operational.”

Alex Briffa, Marketing Lead Penta Hospitals

As Bory Hospital will also bring many innovations in work processes, it is important that the people who will work there have a desire to learn new “best practice” medicine and are not stuck in old ways of working. They must put the patient first and be empathetic.

In order to find modern-minded professionals who see their work as a mission, we decided to tell them that at Bory Hospital they will have the opportunity not only to treat patients with the most difficult diagnoses, but also to participate in systemic change. Thanks to working in a state-of-the-art hospital, they will have the opportunity to change the reputation of the Slovak healthcare system.

That is why in the campaign “Better care can be your job” we point out various situations that can arise thanks to the new hospital staff.

The campaign also includes a series of online videos that call on doctors, nurses and operations staff to become part of the best hospital in the country and lend a hand in making a positive difference in healthcare. The online visuals and videos are complemented by outdoor at busy locations within the city and public transportation.


“Although the campaign is still ongoing, we can already say that we are reaching out to the right candidates with it. Around 2/3 of all CVs are relevant, of which a third represent candidates for nursing positions. Ensuring sufficient numbers of orderlies, practice nurses or healthcare assistants is crucial to the hospital’s operation.”

Alex Briffa, Marketing Lead Penta Hospitals