Unofficial Offices

We’ve crafted a comprehensive communication strategy and catalog for Tuli designer furniture

Tuli, renowned for its plush bean bags, has now extended its range to include office seating. These new products, echoing Tuli’s signature comfort and rounded designs, mark an exciting expansion for the brand.

Market Analysis
Our strategy began with a thorough examination of the current market landscape. Understanding the evolving dynamics, especially in light of the pandemic-induced shift towards remote work, was crucial. With employees favoring the comfort of home offices over traditional workspaces, there emerged a notable opportunity for Tuli to bridge this gap.

Identifying Opportunity
Tuli’s office seating stands out for its innovative design. Featuring modern colors, ergonomic shapes, and practical functionalities, these products have the potential to transform sterile office environments into inviting spaces. Our strategy positions Tuli’s office range as agents of change, aimed at enhancing the ambiance of any workplace.

Expressing the Strategy
Our brand mission is succinctly captured in the tagline “unofficial offices.” This guiding principle informs all future communication efforts, ensuring consistency across various platforms, whether it’s a furniture expo booth, a brochure, or an advertising campaign.

Designing the Catalog
A well-executed communication strategy shapes how products are presented, regardless of the medium. For Tuli, this translated into a catalog that goes beyond showcasing furniture designs. Instead, it paints a vivid picture of office life, capturing everyday moments like birthday celebrations, coffee breaks, and even playful interactions with pets.

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