Home Bakery

Contactless Kisses


Peter Obenau, Home Bakery
Mirka Slezáková, Home Bakery


Iva Hornická Pacoňová
Michal Hornický


Zlatý Klinec - bronze
Digital Pie - shortlist

We created a special product.

Home Bakery is a local confectionery store whose 95% customers comprise coffee shops. With cafes being closed during the pandemic, the bakery had to quickly switch to the B2C segment. To bring the bakery to the public’s attention, we picked 2020 Mother’s Day, which was affected by social distancing.

We thus came up with a unique product that allowed people to give their mom a kiss without compromising her safety. The contactless kisses intrigued people so much that they didn’t just want to rely on the luck during our contest on social media, but to buy them outright along with other cakes too. Thanks to this, the bakery has not only successfuly survived but also gained loyal customers during the crisis.