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Social media

“Do I need to be on social media as a business?”

The simple answer is: If you are not on them, it’s like you don’t even exist. But how do you create content that delivers results in a rapidly changing digital world?

In order to ensure that the content you publish on social media delivers the results you want, it’s essential to plan ahead and speak to your audience in a way that’s close to their hearts. That’s where social media strategy comes into play.

It’s a set of specific steps and activities that a brand needs to take in order to grow consistently in the social media environment. It also considers specific target group of your business and also the social media networks themselves.

The problem is, what works on Facebook doesn’t work on Instagram, much less on LinkedIn or TikTok. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to be on all of them.

Let us help you choose relevant social media networks for your business. We can manage the whole process of social media content production: from creating the profiles, content plans, crafting the content itself, publishing, community management and creating ads.

Reach out to us if you need to:

  • Create a long-term social media strategy
  • Help with social media profile management
  • Create a social media campaign
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We created and managed the first LinkedIn profile beneficial for health

There is no other social media platform which exposes its users to other people’s productivity more than LinkedIn. This creates workaholics and a never-ending hustling culture.

That’s why we decided to help Slovaks prevent burnout from work and other work-related health issues by creating special content for LinkedIn of a health insurance company, Dôvera. Which gave their LinkedIn content a clear purpose. Thanks to a well-adjusted strategy, Dôvera became a leader in its segment.

Facebook and Instagram need to chill out

The best end of the day includes kicking back and relaxing – this moment is the main selling point for Tuli, a popular Slovak bean bag brand. We highlighted this cosiness and relaxing element in their online communication through a variety of content on Facebook and Instagram.

Seasonal hard-sell campaigns such as Black Friday are also part of our collaboration with Tuli.

Cooking can be easy-peasy even for cooks with two left hands

Our task was to introduce Slovaks to unique meal kits of the brand Freshery. The boxes include precisely weighed fresh ingredients and detailed recipes for easy and fast cooking. In our campaign, we pointed out that cooking with Freshery is easy for everyone, even for those with no experience or talent for culinary science.

Katarína Beličková

The combination of well-chosen creativity and the curated strategy of communication proved to be a good step for our company. We collaborated with Kreatívna Dvojica for several years on social media communications on LinkedIn. The highlights of our cooperation I would say are their expertise, craftsmanship and execution of the campaigns. I appreciate their human approach, patience and independence.