How we do it



A nice and functional website can not only boost your company’s image, but mainly boost your sales. With our help, it will become a full-fledged conversion tool for your business.

We design, program and fill your website with content

Creating a website is a complex process consisting of several steps. Its design goes hand in hand with your visual identity, and the content should reflect the nature of your business. That is why, at the beginning of the project, we always try to get to know your company in detail, its mission, vision, strategy as well as the services and products it offers. We study your visual identity and its potential for further development.

This basic information and background of your brand is necessary for making an attractive, clear and, most importantly, understandable website that is as unique as your brand.


What lays behind the satisfaction of our clients?

We create websites using the WordPress system, which is intuitive and easy to use. After its creation, you will be able to conveniently update and expand your website on your own, if you wish to do so.

We do not use any pre-made templates, all websites are designed and programmed from scratch by us. We know all of their components, so we are ready to help you also with later adjustments or adding of new features. Another advantage of websites made from scratch is that they are free of any unnecessary code and plug-ins, making them more resistant to potential attacks.

Thanks to many years of our experience in web development, we have encountered a variety of tasks and requirements. Nothing will surprise us and you can count on us to keep your deadlines.

Do you need a new website?
Let’s find the right solution together.

We have redesigned a real estate portal

Zoznam Realít, a Slovak real estate listing portal, needed a significant visual refreshing. The website was unresponsive and outdated. We gave it a completely new design and functional form by simplifying the entire user journey from searching to adding listings and created a contemporary, modern site.

Creating a website for sweetshop Chutnička was a delicious task

Are you familiar with Chutné kytice, a shop with edible arrangements? They make beautiful bouquets made out of fruit. A new addition to their business is a Chutnička patisserie, where you can indulge in other fruity treats. We’ve redesigned their website in a way that will make your cravings for healthy desserts irresistible. Playful fruit wording was just a cherry on top of our collaboration.

We created a website for HKV Law Firm

This law firm is proud of their whole hardworking and professional team, not only the owners’ names from the name of the firm. For HKV Law Firm their teamwork is what makes them stand out in their competition, so we have elevated this attribute to a key element of the entire website.

We also operated on a website about innovations in healthcare

Penta Investments brings plenty of innovations to the Slovak healthcare sector. In order to provide patients with information about available modern healthcare, we prepared a portal with fresh news. Thanks to a simple admin interface, clients are able to manage new content and update website features comfortably on their own. Let’s check it out: