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EPICA Awards - Finalist
Caples Awards - Bronz
MAD STARS - 4 x Shortlist
Zlatý Klinec - bronz
PHNX Awards - Shortlist
MUSE Creative Awards - 3 x Zlato, 1 x Striebro
Graphis - Silver

n Bratislava, Slovakia, where barbershops line every street corner, we noticed a pattern: similar messaging, similar collaborations with influencers, and a focus solely on aesthetics. But Harold’s Barbershop dared to be different.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of barbering, we delved into the origins of the iconic barber pole. Did you know that it symbolizes the practice’s medical roots, with the red representing blood, the white representing bandages, and the blue representing veins? Harold’s Barbershop honors this legacy while embracing innovation.

Our research revealed a unique opportunity: the rising prevalence of tick-borne illnesses in Slovakia. Leveraging this insight, we introduced the HealthCut – not just a haircut, but a revolutionary step towards safeguarding health.

Ttick-borne diseases are on the rise, with Slovakia experiencing a surge in cases. By combining grooming with health awareness, Harold’s Barbershop positions itself as a leader in the industry, prioritizing the well-being of its customers.

Keeping your hair short can help you spot ticks early, potentially protecting your health.

The first Forest Barbershop was a key part of our campaign

To help protect tourists, we set up a barbershop right next to the forest trail. For a weekend, hikers could stop by for a haircut as they made their way along the trail. We spread the word about the forest barbershop by reaching out to popular hiking groups on Facebook.

Barbershop traffic nearly doubled!

Our campaign captured the attention of both the public and the media, propelling HealthCut to become a sought-after salon service. Thanks to our efforts, the number of visitors surged, with a remarkable increase of 39.8% in regular customers. Such was the influx of interest that the barbershop had to recruit additional staff to keep up with demand.

Fun Fact:

Our campaign garnered the interest of Machine Gun Kelly’s manager. Recognizing the potential synergy, they proposed a partnership between Harold’s Barber Shop and the renowned artist for his European tour.